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OBX Precision Adjustable Cam Sprockets are a wonderful method of extracting extra power from an engine. Adjustable +/- 10 degrees, these sprockets allow the user to tune the engine for more power in low, middle or upper RPM ranges. This adjustment allows the tuner to move the peak power along the engines natural power band by advancing or retarding the cam timing.

CAD designed and CNC machined from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum, the adjustable cam sprockets are extremely lightweight yet able to withstand extreme abuse. The hard baked gear teeth prevent wear and tear and our advanced 5 point locking design keep belt slippage from occurring.

OBX Precision Adjustable Cam Sprockets are a great way to dress up an engine and at the same time tunable to reach an engines true potential. Each kit comes with gears for each camshaft and every application is available in 3 colors: Silver, Red, and Blue.