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Header Systems

OBX high performance headers are made from SUS-304 stainless steel. Various designs for low end to top end gaims. precision madrel-bend to improve exhaust flow over the oem part. Available in polished stainless and ceramic coat finishes.

Test Pipes

OBX Test pipes are designed to be a direct replacement over the stock catalytic converter to improve exhaust flow thus increasing horsepower and torque.

These items are discontinued and no longer available!


OBX downpipes for forced induction and naturally aspirated setups. Available in aftermarket and stock replacement applications.

Exhaust Systems

High flowing direct bolt on catbacks for various applications. Various back box styles for great looks without defeating performance gains.

Universal Mufflers

Many universal designs for extreme to subtle stealthy looks. Great for those who want to custom a unique look. Also another alternative for those who can't find a direct bolt on cat back system.

Universal Tips

Universal weldon tips for those who want to retain the stock muffler system. A great addition to add a unique touch without causing problems with manufacturer warranty.