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Air Intake Manifold

Sheet aluminum and Cast aluminum air intake manifolds. Designed for optimal power and response. Great for street, drag, autocross, and road race use due to its lightweight design.

Adjustable Cam Sprockets

OBX Precision Adjustable Cam Sprockets are adjustable +/- 10 degrees, allowing the user to tune the engine for more power in low, middle or upper RPM ranges. This adjustment allows the tuner to move the peak power along the engine's natural power band by advancing or retarding the cam timing.

Throttle Body Spacers

OBX Power Flow throttle body spacers are designed to increase mid-range torque, horsepower and improve fuel consumption. Each spacer utilizes an aggressive angle bore design to create a vortex of the incoming air for better fuel atomization and combustion within each cylinder. The design is a straight bolt on affair without needing any replacement parts or future maintenance.


Camshafts from street to all out racing specs for many popular domestic and import applications.

Individual Throttle Body Kits

ITB setups for extreme all motor applications. Precision machined in various sizes to best match with your engine build up. We currently carry ITB kits for many popular import applications.

Power Pulley Kits

Designed to replace OEM accessory pulleys, OBX Overdrive Power Pulley Kits are designed to be lighter than the stock pulleys. By reducing the rotational mass, the engine uses less power to power accessories such as the alternator and power steering pump which translates into more available horsepower and torque. This well-known and highly utilized process is known as reducing parasitic drag from power-robbing accessories.

Underdrive Crank Pulley

Designed to replace the OEM crank pulley, OBX Underdrive Crank Pulleys designed to be lighter than the stock pulley. By reducing the rotational mass, the engine uses less power to turn the crankshaft which translates into more available horsepower and torque.

High Performance Fuel Injectors

OBX Ultra-flow fuel injectors are now available in low/high impedance types. Designed for side feed or top feed systems, our injectors come in varieties of flow ratio from 310cc~2000cc upgrades for naturally aspirated vehicles to turbo charged imports.

Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulators

OBX Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulators are designed to provide the right amount of fuel for any boost or NA application. Combined with a high-flow fuel rail and injectors, these regulators can help meet any air/fuel ratio necessary to make optimum horsepower for both road and track vehicles.

High Performance Fuel Pumps

Probably the most important component in a high-performance fuel system, a reliable pump is a necessity to make sure you can quench your engine's thirst for fuel. We at OBX produce a number of different pumps to meet the horsepower rating of any naturally aspirated, nitrous enhanced, or force-inducted engine.

Intake Systems

Short Ram, Cold Air, and Combat Air Intake systems for many import and domestic applications. Larger over the stock intake piping and made from aluminum to provide best possible gains. All intake systems come with OBX branded filters, couplers, hoses, and clamps.

Intake Accessories

Universal heat sheilds and replacement filters for OBX and other label intakes.

Forged Valves

Made from forged 21-4N premium stainless steel alloy, OBX valves have been heat tested to withstand up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. Each valve is CNC precision machined and utilize OEM specifications for drop in fitment. All stems are micro polished and seats are swirl polished for optimal flow. Great for naturally aspirated and force induction applications.

Spark Plug Cover

Billet 6061 aluminum precision machined as a replacement over your OEM cover.

Single Throttle Body

Single throttle body upgrade for street and racing applications. Precision machined in various sizes to best match with your engine build up.

Refillable Chrome Nitrous Bottles

OBX Chrome Nitrous Bottles come in a variety of volumetric and dimensional sizes to fit the needs of anyone looking to "squeeze" out more power.

Super Fuel Injection Rails

OBX High performance oversized injection fuel rails are made from the highest quailty materials. Precisely machined from the solid billet 6061 T-6 block for structural integrity and also prevent fuel leakage.