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High-Performance External EFI Belt-Driven Fuel Pump -10AN/-10AN

Probably the most important component in a high-performance fuel system, a reliable pump is a necessity to make sure you can quench your engine's thirst for fuel. We at OBX produce a number of different pumps to meet the horsepower rating of any naturally aspirated, nitrous enhanced, or force-inducted engine.

This unit is built with T-304 stainless steel rollers inside the pump for extreme durability and reliability to perform under the most extreme racing conditions. The exterior is a hard-anodized 6061 aluminum case for a show quality finish.

Rated up to 3600HP(Gas) and 1800HP(Methanol), this pump can withstand the needs for any 6-second drag strip race engine. Each unit is designed to flow more than 2700lbs./hr with zero current draw. It can provide anywhere from 2-200PSI of fuel pressure. This pump has an -10AN inlet and a -10AN outlet that can be used with a male fitting to be compatible with any type of fuel line. Can be used with all pump and race gas including EPA oxygenated and high-grade diesel fuel.