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Designed to replace OEM accessory pulleys, OBX Overdrive Power Pulley Kits are designed to be lighter than the stock pulleys. By reducing the rotational mass, the engine uses less power to power accessories such as the alternator and power steering pump which translates into more available horsepower and torque. This well-known and highly utilized process is known as reducing parasitic drag from power-robbing accessories.

Depending on application, some of our pulleys have a larger diameter than stock. By utilizing the process of over-driving, the accessory is utlized more efficiently by doing more work on a single spin of the pulley.

OBX Overdrive Power Pulley Kits are a great upgrade for any driver to realize the full potential of his or her prized vehicle.

Each Power Pulley kit comes in hard-anodized Polish, Red, and Blue.

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